Version & Source Control

Version & Source Control




Version, manage and secure any type or size file—code, designs, 3D models, media, environment artifacts, binaries, or business documents. With the powerful Helix Versioning Engine there are no limits to individual file size or total volume of data. Now with native DVCS capabilities!

Single Source of Truth

Store any type and number of assets for users, with no limits on file size.

  • Easily version files of any type and size.
  • Scales to terabytes of total data.
  • Supports tens of thousands of users.
  • Handles high-volume, automated environments.
  • Federated architecture synchronises global teams.

Native DVCS, Git and Centralized

Choose the workflow that suits your needs:

  • Native P4 DVCS, local repos and branching
  • Native Git repos, collocated with the rest of your code
  • Easily share code and collaborate across teams

A Productive Desktop Experience

Consistent experience across Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

  • Global Visibility: See which files are checked out and by who.
  • File Locking: Prevent others from overwriting your binary files.
  • Powerful Search: Scan your entire repository.
  • Visual Tools: Time lapse, revision graphs, and P4Merge.
  • Diffs: Folder, text, and image diffs to compare history.

Flexible Branching

Easily manage any project regardless of complexity:

  • Streams: Simplify and automate branching best practices.
  • Task Streams: Isolate individual tasks in lightweight branches
  • Shelves: Safely store work in progress on the server for reviews or task switching.
  • DVCS or Centralized: Work locally or against a central trunk.

IP Security & Protection

Unified, flexible and fine-grained access control with complete traceability.

  • Authenticate with LDAP, Active Directory, and other sources
  • Control access at the file level by user, IP address, or path
  • Maintain per-file access logs for audit compliance
  • Verify chain-of-custody using signatures recorded for each file
  • Use Helix Threat Detection to detect and stop potential leaks before they happen

Clustering and High Availability

Horizontal scalability and high availability for large enterprise teams.

  • Distribute workload across any number of nodes
  • Grow incrementally, adding capacity as needed to maintain high performance
  • Keep everyone working during maintenance or failures with automated fail-over
  • Customize deployment topology to meet different organizational needs

Supports CI/CD

Renowned for open ecosystem, and massive continuous integration/delivery scalability:

  • Out-of-box plugins for industry standard tools
  • APIs and SDKs for many programming languages
  • Field tested for > 80M CI transactions a day

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