Collaboration & Code Review

Collaboration & Code Review




Helix Swarm offers an elegant collaboration interface that allows all stakeholders to review, comment and approve iterations to product elements. This includes changes to code, artwork, designs, documents, media and images. It is easy to track your decisions and choices.

All Are Welcome

Powerful review and collaboration features for any type of work:

  • Designers can iterate quickly on models
  • Artists can review and compare images
  • Developers can work together on code
  • Documents can be shared

User-Friendly Workflows

Lightweight and efficient workflows:

  • Pre- and post-commit reviews
  • Mandatory review process to avoid mistakes
  • Voting capacities to gather feedback from peers

Global Review Dashboard

See open reviews and work in progress at a glance:

  • Filter by status
  • Visibility across all projects or drill down
  • Search for reviews by key words

Social, Productive & Enjoyable

  • Activity streams to communicate with others
  • Color-coded visual diffs
  • Comment directly in code
  • @mention others to involve them
  • Follow items of interest
  • Lightweight tasks for important issues

Web Hooks for Continuous Delivery

Integrate Swarm with your continuous delivery chain:

  • Trigger builds and tests for work in review
  • Automate deployment for testing
  • Work out of the box with popular tools, including Jenkins/Hudson, Maven, Puppet and Chef.

Extensibility & Custom Plugins

Mod the tool with additional features or a fresh look:

  • Customize reviews via plugins
  • Re-skin the UI for your team, project or brand
  • Find or contribute plugins and content at the Perforce Workshop


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