Parasoft dotTest

Parasoft dotTest


Parasoft® dotTEST™

 is an integrated Development Testing solution for automating a broad range of testing best practices proven to improve development team productivity and software quality. dotTEST also seamlessly integrates with Parasoft SOAtest, which enables end-to-end functional and load testing for complex distributed applications and transactions.

Why dotTEST?

Increase Productivity and Software Quality

Prevent, expose, and correct errors to ensure that .NET code (including C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET and Managed C++ ) works as expected. To promote rapid remediation, detected errors are prioritized based on your policy, automatically assigned to the developer who wrote the related code, and distributed to his or her IDE with direct links to the code and a description of how to fix it. Deep seamless integrates with open source platforms, bug tracking systems, requirements management systems, custom iterations and other infrastructure components.

Automate Code Analysis for Compliance

Define rule sets using your own custom rules, as well 400+ built-in rules that cover Microsoft’s .NET Framework Design Guidelines, CLS Compliance, Object Oriented Metrics, Security, and more. dotTEST also checks for many code issues that cannot be identified by IL-level analysis (e.g., formatting issues, empty blocks, misuse of operators, etc.). Custom IL-level and C# rules can also enforce specific project, compliance, and organizational requirements and prevent the recurrence of application-specific defects after a single instance has been found.

Identify Runtime Bugs without Executing Software

Parasoft’s data flow analysis detects runtime errors without requiring the software to actually be executed. This enables early and effortless detection of critical runtime errors that might otherwise take weeks to find. Defects detected include NullReferenceExceptions, ArgumentNullExceptions, resource leaks, division by zero, dereferencing before checking for null, SQL injections, XSS, and other security vulnerabilities.

Effective and Comprehensive Team Code Review

Parasoft Code Review automates the preparation, notification, and tracking of peer code reviews. dotTEST automatically identifies updated code, matches the code with designated reviewers, and tracks the progress of each review item until closure. With the Code Review module, teams can establish a bulletproof review process—where all new code gets reviewed and all identified issues are resolved.