FreshSales – CRM

FreshSales – CRM

Accelerate your revenue with context-driven sales

Problems We Solve

  • Siloed sales & marketing teams: Today, sales and marketing teams use multiple apps for their daily activities, and as a result, the customer data is scattered, leaving the teams with no or limited insights. Also, these two teams don’t have visibility into each other’s efforts. For instance, marketing doesn’t know which leads got converted, or sales may not have full context into the upcoming campaigns
  • Non-contextual customer experience: There is no single source, and the teams struggle to get a unified view of the customer data. Customers are often frustrated with irrelevant messages and broken experiences
  • Poor productivity: Employees struggle to use these apps effectively due to the clunky UI, poor UX, and the steep learning curve. All of these bring down internal adoption, employee efficiency, and morale
  • Low revenue and high costs: Poor customer experience and low productivity result in low sales and retention, impacting revenue. Also, the multi-tool environment is expensive to procure and maintain. Implementation, onboarding, and training are time-consuming and increase costs further

Value We Offer

Freshsales Suite is an all-in-one CRM that lets businesses unite sales and marketing around the customer. With Freshsales Suite, businesses can:

  • Grow relationships and revenue with a single customer view: Freshsales Suite provides sales and marketing teams with end-to-end customer visibility. Get a single shared view of the customer on one pane, gain actionable insights and delight customers with one relevant voice across touchpoints
  • Attract and engage the best leads faster: Have one solution to attract leads across channels. Know your leads and their intent, segment them easily and have personalized conversations
  • Optimize campaigns, pipelines, and forecasts: Gain complete customer context to craft and run suitable campaigns at the right time. Get AI-based recommendations for accurate forecasts and revenue prediction, identify hot deals, and close them faster
  • Reduce IT complexity and simplify adoption: Digital-first, millennial-friendly, all-in-one solution for sales & marketing. Freshsales Suite comes with a modern UI and delightful UX and offers straightforward automation that sales and marketing teams will love. Most features are native, and there is no need for external integrations. Also, implementation is straightforward, fast, and has a high success rate (95%)

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