Perforce Source Control Training

Perforce Source Control Training

E.S.L’s expert Perforce admins have an excellent track record of successfully integrating Perforce in some of the biggest companies in Israel.

We provide you with 2 types of onsite training.

Perforce provides you with:

  • System overviews and user interfaces.
  • Workspaces and client view maps.
  • Basic user operations.
  • Parallel development: merging files, resolving file conflicts.
  • Branching and code line management: creating branches,
    integrating changes between branches, using named branch views.

Basic Admin

  • Installation
  • Setup
  • Protections
  • Depots
  • Email Reviews
  • Perforce Jobspec
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Trigger Capabilities Overview

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