Git for the enterprise



Enjoy a more competent Git experience for both developers and release teams. Git has the capacity to make you more productive by meeting your requirements for visibility, security and audibility.

Native Git

All the power and flexibility of Git without compromising on quality:

  • Completely disconnected DVCS workflow which developers love
  • BYOG – bring your own Git clients and extensions
  • In-place branches, stashing, rebasing and other advanced features
  • Share your code and collaborate with others once it is ready

Repo Admin

GitSwarm provides reliable Git management features;

  • Assign members when creating projects
  • Code snippets to avoid common errors
  • Git hooks for validation and automation

Total Security

GitSwarm easily keeps your intellectual property safe:

  • Project visibility controls
  • Protected branches
  • A wide range of permissions

Pull Requests

GitSwarm allows standard Pull requests:

  • Repo forking for your own private copy
  • Merge and pull requests for sharing and returning code to others
  • Push for review, comment, and approve via the web


Easy oversight of projects through helpful graphs:

  • See commit progress
  • Recognize top contributors
  • Visualize branching history

Issue Tracking

Start and follow a unit of work through Issue tracking:

  • Assign them to the right developer
  • Associate with a development milestone
  • Rreview issues on dashboards

Git-Powered Wiki

Keep important project information easily available and up to date with a Git-powered Wiki:

  • Clone all contents for local editing
  • Create, edit, and link pages in an online editor
  • Leverage markdown for simple, elegant output

Single Source of Truth

For large teams, integration within Helix automatically mirrors work so teams can collaborate across boundaries:

  • Share code and content across teams
  • Cross-repo visibility and tracking
  • Repo slicing and re-composition
  • Create a “trunk” to power continuous delivery

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