API security testing automation

API security testing automation

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API & Application Security Testing Automation


Bright is a developer-first Dynamic Application Testing (DAST) scanner, enabling, security testing automation to be led by engineering teams, automated across CI/CD pipelines, to be detect and fix security issues early and often on every build, so you can deliver secure applications ans API’s. Fast.

Test your webapps, Single Page Applications, microservices, internal aps and APIs (REST, SOAP, GraphQL, and Websockets) with unrivalled vulnerability test coverage, including Business Logic Security Testing.

With NO false positives, every security finding is automatically validated, removing the need for manual validation, saving appsec teams time while maximizing developer adoption to enhance DevSecOps and shift-left.

 DevOps and CI/CD requires AppSec tooling build for automation, scalability and developers!

With developers pushing software to production multiple times a day, legacy security scanners are obsolete, stifling automation with bottlenecks and inaccurate results.

Periodic security scans on production result in discovery and remediation of security and technical debt.


Bright is the world’s first AI powered Application Security Testing Solution, generating its own attacks, automating the discovery of your application’s security vulnerabilities and Business Logic Flaws.

Our language and framework agnostic platform can scan any API including both REST, SOAP & GraphQL APIs. In addition, Bright uniquely and seamlessly integrates into DevOps for automation and is built for developers and AppSec professionals to provide compliance on every build.

Bright’s proprietary MultiParse technology allows us to parse any kind of technological stack, protocol or schema and scan them directly creating interactions as intended by those technologies.

The value for you is that we support REST/SOAP/ GraphQL out of the box and create real interactions without relying on crawling, finding API vulnerabilities accurately and quickly. Bright’s can add any new kind of data structure efficiently when new technologies and architectures emerge.


DAST means Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST): it’s a process of analyzing a web application or API to find weaknesses through simulated attacks. DAST tools – sometimes referred to as “vulnerability scanners” or “web app scanners” – attempt to attack an application from the “outside in” as a malicious attacker would. Once a DAST scan is complete, it reports any vulnerabilities it found so they can be addressed. DAST is a critical piece in developing, running, and maintaining secure applications and APIs.


Even without a GUI, your product’s API security still needs to be tested for vulnerabilities. NexPloit has a unique API testing solution that can be used both in DAST or IAST mode, with simple configuration, providing you with false-positive free vulnerabilities.



Using NexPloit, your developers are going to get hands-on security education, on your own product during the development stage, making your product more secure by design. NexPloit is intuitive and easy to use, and every detected vulnerability is displayed with all the relevant information a developer might need to remediate it, including highlighting the exact location in the code. The combination of simple usage and concise reporting empowers any developer to detect and fix the vulnerabilities, without the need of security experts in the middle, as well as learn from the process, becoming a better security-minded developer.

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