CloudBees Build and Test Acceleration

CloudBees Build and Test Acceleration

Shorten Build and Test Times

Create more time for innovation with CloudBees Build and Test Acceleration (CloudBees Accelerator)

Accelerate Your Builds and Tests Like Never Before

Speed innovation

Deliver higher quality software faster with less wasted effort

Do more with less

Run builds and tests faster on half the infrastructure

Faster feedback

Get complete visibility and control over bottlenecks, faults and capacity planning

Reduce Cycle Time and Iterate Faster

Do you have developers constantly complaining about slow builds and tests, despite them using the latest hardware? Parallelizing the builds and tests across available resources is the answer, but open source tools don’t scale across teams or manage complex dependencies.

What if you had a way to automatically parallelize your workloads across all your infrastructure that also gave you the visibility to easily find and fix problems?

Dramatically accelerate build and test cycles

Radically shorten development and feedback cycles by intelligently distributing builds and tests across clusters of physical or cloud CPUs.

  • Up to 20X faster builds on Android AOSP, Linux and VisualStudio
  • Automatically manage dependencies and correct conflicts
  • Eliminate redundant work

Lower risk with faster, more useful feedback

Advanced analytics and visibility to visualize bottlenecks, build integrity and infrastructure utilization.

  • Easily pinpoint – and eliminate – problems
  • Accurately predict and control build speeds
  • Analyze loads and safely reprioritize jobs

Key Features

Dependency management

Automatic dependency management and conflict correction fixes problems on the fly

Workload distribution

Fault-tolerant workload distribution optimally uses local, network or cloud resources

Intelligent caching

Intelligent caching eliminates redundant work through build avoidance

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