Squish GUI Tester

Testing the user interface of modern applications is a complex, error-prone task. Automating this task is challenging, but when enacted correctly can be rewarding.

Squish is the leading cross-platform/cross-technology GUI test automation tool for functional regression tests.
Many companies in all kinds of industries all over the world use it to drastically cut down the time spent on GUI Testing software releases while increasing the quality of their applications.


Features and Benefits

BDD – Behavior-Driven Development & Testing

Squish features fully integrated BDD support which is 100% compatible with the Gherking (standard BDD) language. Create, record, maintain and debug BDD GUI Tests..

 Recording and Playback

Squish GUI Tester features automatic test script recording. It recognises high-level interactions and objects instead of low-level events.

Test Verification & Validation

Insert verification points while recording or refactoring scripts using Squish Verification Points and the Pick tool. Verify object properties, perform image comparisons and validate table values.

Powerful and Intuitive Test Creation Environment

Squish GUI Tester integrates recording, test execution and results, script debugging, object spying, and advanced script editing and maintenance.

 Multiple Real-World Scripting Languages

Use Squish GUI Tester to automate tests using real-world scripting languages: Python, Perl, JavaScript, Tcl or Ruby.

Data-Driven Testing

Drive your scripts using data from a variety of data sources. The Make data-driven wizard can be used to assist.

 Distributed Batch Testing

Use Squish GUI Tester to execute sets of scripts or batches. Review the detailed logging and execution results.

Extensive Integration Options

ALM, Test Management, Continuous Integration, Build Integration and Software Project Management

Object Map & Object Identification Tools

Simplify test creation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Produce stable and powerful test scripts.

Hybrid Application Testing

Seamlessly automate multi-technology applications, or applications with more than one toolkit, using Squish GUI Tester.


Supported Platforms & GUI Frameworks:

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, QNX, VxWorks, iOS, Android.
GUI Frameworks: Qt/QML/QtQuick, Java (Swing/AWT, SWT/RCP, JavaFx), Web/HTML5, MFC, WinForms, WPF, iOS, Cocoa, Android, Tk, and more.