CloudBees Feature Flags

CloudBees Feature Flags

Safely Deploy Code Faster

Make changes to production today with CloudBees Feature Flags (CloudBees Rollout)

Decouple Releases from Deployments

Reduce Risk During Releases

Increase your feature flag usage to improve release collaboration and visibility

Improve Developer Productivity

Remove development bottlenecks around code deployments and even test in production

Shorten Product Feedback Loops

Tightly control and improve specific product experiences through progressive delivery



The Challenge

Deployments and Releases happen as a singular event across the entire userbase.

  • Increased risk of critical errors and bugs making it to all end users
  • Decreased developer productivity as they are involved on each release
  • Slow feedback loops from actual code pushes to users using the code


The Solution

Releases are progressively delivered to specific user segments with feature flags.

  • Granular control over every release with instant “off” of problematic changes
  • Anyone on team can release or rollback changes without developer support
  • Faster feedback for software teams as code gets deployed to segmented users


CloudBees Feature Flags Use Cases

Decoupled Deployments

Rethink your software delivery strategy by decoupling code releases and feature releases – allowing teams to work on their own schedules without interrupting users.

 Release Management

Control which user segments gain access to new builds and features, easily enabling your team to perform Canary or Blue/Green deployments, and beta releases.

Testing in Production

Get the most accurate testing feedback by giving production access to your QA or Testing teams – Never miss a bug again from a poorly replicated testing environment.

License Management

Grant access to certain types of users and customers (like trialers, subscribers, premium members, etc) to different features or sections of your product.

Kill Switch

Immediately kill, or turn off, features running in production without having to roll back versions or make a change to code. Stop dealing with reverted builds on the weekends.

 Product Experimentation

Gain valuable feedback about how actual users are using features. Have something baked out just enough for beta testing? Roll it out to a small select user base instantly.

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