FreshChat – Intelligent conversations

FreshChat – Intelligent conversations

Problems We Solve

  • Fragmented Conversational Experiences – Consumers message companies from multiple apps of their choice ans expect companies to retain conversation context without having to explain the issue repeatedly
  • Rudimentary Self-service infrastructureCustomers demand answers to their problems 24/7 and fast. Lack of self-service drives unnecessary volume to agents and drives up costs
  • Rising operating costs with scaleLegacy customer engagement platforms tend to be transactional vs proactive with a high cost to implement in order to gain value. For these reasons, businesses have been slow to realize value from digital-first customer support technologies

Value We Offer

  • Customers engage on their own terms – Give customers the freedom to connect with you anywhere. Personalize every moment across virtual and live channels
  • Agents are empowered to perform easier and faster - Empower every agent with customer context to help them have smarter conversations and infuse conversations with powerful A/I to help them work efficiently
  • Companies reduce their cost to serve - Take advantage of low-cost messaging channels and reduce set-up time with pre-built templates for customer journeys and chatbots. Scale rapidly with high levels of deflection without compromising on CSAT

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