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CodeBeamer ALM

Application Lifecycle Management platform

Develop better software faster with codeBeamer ALM. Scale Agile processes while achieving compliance. Cut development time and costs.

codeBeamer ALM is a holistically integrated, collaborative Application Lifecycle Management platform that offers all-round Requirements Management, Development, and Testing & Quality Assurance functionality. It provides seamless traceability and powerful features covering the entire product development lifecycle end to end. Packed with features and advanced analytics covering the entire lifecycle, it’s a single source of truth for the entire product lifecycle.codeBeamer ALM allows you to simply streamline and automate product development processes, reduce costs, and increase product quality while maintaining compliance with safety-critical standards.

codeBeamer ALM is the most Agile Application Lifecycle Management platform on the market. It is scalable, integrated, and stays light while offering powerful features.

Rather than separate modules being patched together, codeBeamer ALM has been built organically integrated from the ground up. Due to its single repository architecture and advanced features that cover the entire lifecycle, codeBeamer helps ensure transparency, collaboration, process visibility, and end-to-end traceability even in the most complex of projects.

codeBeamer Application Lifecycle Management offers enterprise Agile scalability, complete change management, and robust process control. Preconfigured but flexibly customizable templates for the Medical, AutomotiveAvionics and Pharma industries support compliance with safety-critical standards. These industry solutions help achieve and show process maturity, facilitate compliance audits, shorten your products’ time to market, and cut development costs. Intland’s Tool Validation Package greatly simplifies the tool qualification process.

codeBeamer’s smart Release Management functionality and widespread integrations support multi-stream product development at scale. Its advanced workflow engine with Business Process Management capabilities supports process control, automation, and ALM-PLM integration. Its dedicated SAFe® Template is the first implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework in the Agile ALM world, letting you implement enterprise-grade Agile while enforcing custom, compliant, and fully documented processes across the lifecycle. Advanced analytics provide insights into any phase of the product development process.

Requirements Management Tool

Ensure your product meets stakeholders’ expectations. Integrate with any requirements management tool. Manage approval processes, and collaborate seamlessly with internal and external stakeholders. Establish links between artifacts for gapless, lifecycle-wide traceability, and manage dependencies easily. Create development branches and re-use artifacts to realize efficiencies in product line management.

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overview_development Application Lifecycle Management - codeBeamer ALM Overview

Software Development

Cut your software products’ time to market. Streamline your development lifecycle. Automate and enforce custom workflows, and ensure efficient collaboration throughout the development process. Plan, visualize and manage work and using Gantt charts, Kanban boards, a smart Release Planner with user story mapping, and more. Use ChatOps to integrate instant messaging in development and accelerate enterprise teamwork with codeBeamer ALM.

QA & Software Testing

Build real confidence in your product. Execute parameterized, requirements-based test cases manually or automatically for multiple product variants. Use built-in features and testing integrations. Optimize re-use in your Quality Assurance processes, ensure complete test coverage, and access advanced test analytics to support decision-making and continuous improvement. Manage approvals, and export audit trail reports to accelerate safety-critical compliance. Simplify qualification processes with Intland’s Tool Validation Package Template.

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Risk Management in Software Engineering

Avoid risks, failures, and product recalls. Ensure the safety and reliability of your products. Identify, analyze, and reduce or mitigate all risks throughout the entire lifecycle. Conduct Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) efficiently. Achieve compliance with the risk-related requirements of ISO 14971, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, DO-178C, and other standards. Report on your risk management activites conveniently.

 Advanced Workflows, ALM-PLM Integration with BPM support

Define, enforce, and automate complex custom workflows. Use compliant e-signatures. Integrate ALM and PLM via codeBeamer’s Business Process Management capabilities. Maintain control over and report on permissions, approvals, risks, and safety processes. Connect data, processes, and tools across the product development lifecycle.

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 overview_variants Application Lifecycle Management - codeBeamer ALM Overview

Product Line Management

Develop the right products for the right market. Rely on codeBeamer’s advanced branch management features. Re-use artifacts and processes conveniently to realize efficiencies in managing a product line of multiple product variants. Manage the parallel development streams of product variations from requirements definition all the way to release.

 IT Operations & DevOps

Move product quality concerns upstream in the development lifecycle. Apply DevOps best practices. Manage containers via Docker & Kubernetes. Create better products and enhance customer experience by connecting end users and internal development processes.

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 overview-analytics Application Lifecycle Management - codeBeamer ALM Overview


Turn product development data into actionable insights. Search, filter, and visualize granular lifecycle data with a few clicks. Achieve visibility, transparency, and predictability in your product development processes. Reveal bottlenecks, monitor KPIs, and support decision-making with relevant, accurate, and visual data analytics.

 Demand Management

Enhance your company’s profitability. Capture, evaluate and prioritize potential projects. Support your internal decision-making process, and trace ideas through development all the way to release.

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 Integrations, Export-import Features

Integrate codeBeamer ALM in your existing tool ecosystem. Ensure data consistency across departments. Enhance collaboration among internal & external stakeholders. Take advantage of our native DOORS Bridge integration, ReqIF, JIRA®, MS Office® round-trip, Enterprise Architect, Jenkins, MATLAB® Simulink® integrations & more. Create custom integrations via REST API. Use the Tasktop Integration Hub to connect codeBeamer ALM to 50+ tools.

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