Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management


Dynamic APM for Microservice Applications

Delivering high application service quality for today’s complex business applications requires an intelligent application management solution that automates the discovery, monitoring and analysis of application services.

No matter how simple or complex your applications are, Instana helps you achieve your service quality goals.

Application Discovery and Mapping

Automatic discovery of your application stack and services

Real-time service dependency mapping

Continuous immediate alignment of the application service map with every change


Service Quality Health Monitoring

Anomaly detection and alerting (automatic)

Curated knowledge base for middleware & infrastructure health monitoring

One-click service health dashboards

06_Application Management_Service_Health@2x

Application Troubleshooting

3-Second issue detection and notification

Automatic identification of each incident’s likely root cause


Every request is captured as a distributed Trace

Correlated code level visibility


Infrastructure Management

Delivering high service quality starts with high performing infrastructure. For applications, infrastructure means the complete technology stack – hosts, containers, middleware, databases, message queues, even orchestration tools.


  • Automatic discovery of all components
  • Host, container and server level mapping
  • Auto-deployment of monitoring sensors for supported technologies


  • Curated knowledge base driven health monitoring
  • 3 Second Issue detection & notification
  • 1-Second metric granularity



  • Immediately see container allocations
  • Drill in on issues using Dynamic Focus
  • Understand middleware dependencies
  • Investigate health issues with Time-Shift


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