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Manage everything in a single board

A board is the place you track everything your team is working on. Instantly see who’s working on what and where things stand.

  •  Easily add tasks, projects, missions, and to-dos
  •  Assign teammates to specific tasks or projects
  •  See the exact status of where things stand
  •  Plan your workload over time 2

Communicate with your team in context

Quickly add rows to your board—we call these pulses. They keep all communication in one place, reducing the need for meetings and painfully long email threads.

  •  Mention people or entire teams
  •  Get notified via desktop or mobile in real-time
  •  Comment on and thumbs up your teammates’ work
  •  Drag and drop files to centralize all your documents 3

Manage time and plan ahead visually

  • Visualize everything your team is working on in a single glance
  • Instantly evaluate your team’s bandwidth
  • See who’s busy and who’s not
  • Ensure you’ll meet all of your deadlines

No training needed…it just works

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