FreshService – IT Support Management

FreshService – IT Support Management

Modern, intelligent ITSM solution

Provide a delightful employee experience with a modern, easy-to-use,
intelligent service management solution that brings value instantaneously

Everything you need for IT support

Integrated Service Channels

Incident management

Problem management

Change & release management

Project management

IT teams struggle to keep track of employee service requests and manage routine IT tasks. Freshservice is a right-sized ITSM solution that uncomplicates service management, saving you from clunky overbuilt software and under-featured tools that are difficult to scale. With Freshservice, you can get your IT team up and running right away with a plug-and-play model that is deployed over the cloud, and observe an immediate uptick in agent productivity and employee satisfaction 

Problems we solve

  • Stuck With Either a Band-Aid or Behemoth – Businesses are stuck between two unacceptable alternatives: the Behemoth or the Band-Aid. Behemoth customers are saddled with long implementation cycles and overspend on unused and non-valuable features. The Band-Aid customers rely on less robust tools without intelligent automations, requiring frequent replacement
  • Substandard Employee Experience – Difficult-to-use software/ tool with archaic UI leads to lower adoption, causing employees to bypass existing processes and service desk agents stuck with performing manual/repetitive tasks across multiple channels of communications. Ineffective service delivery leads to frustration and lower employee satisfaction
  • Upgrade Trauma and Raising Maintenance Costs – Businesses face downtime or costly disruptions in business continuity due to patch upgrades or maintenance. Dependence on 3rd party vendors for maintenance and adoption of new processes piles on to rising costs

The Value We Offer

  • Scale as You Grow – Utilize what you need with a mature ITSM tool with the necessary features without the complexity. Freshservice will scale along with your business growth, and is a technology partner focused on adoption and value creation
  • Delight Your Employees – Meet your employees where they are, providing faster and modern unified service delivery on a single platform that reaches across multiple channels. Increase transparency to end-users, while empowering service agents to deliver efficiently using intelligent automations
  • Realize Value Faster, Consistently – Run your business without interruption with our seamless monthly upgrades deployed in stealth mode with no disturbance to live environments. Our intuitive no-code/ low-code platform makes adoption of new processes within your control, eliminating reliance on third-parties


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