Graph Data Base

Graph Data Base

Best in Class Graph Database

Managed or Undamaged Graph Data Base
As easy as can be

Key Features & Benefits

Fully managed

Graph database

Document store

Search engine

Native multi-model

Oasis offers you a fully managed graph database, document store and fulltext search engine.
All in one place.

When your application needs to evolve, you can go multi-model at any time.

Encryption at transit & at rest guarantee all your data is encrypted before it hits the disk or send over the network.

In addition, you can assign fine-grained access control policies to your organization, your projects or deployments. This assigns permissions to groups or individual users.

Highly Secure

Access Control Policies

Always-on Encryption

IP Allowlisting

Snapshot Backups

Expert Support

Phone Support

Customer Success

Community Support

Get support by the people who built Oasis and ArangoDBs distributed systems.

You can choose between different support plans for every deployment ranging from good support in the free version to individual expert support with short response times in Oasis Enterprise.

Build for Multi-Tenancy and Modern Teamwork

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