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המרכז הישראלי לכלי פיתוח המיועדים לתכנתים, אנשי בדיקות ומהנדסי תוכנה

Engineering Software lab ltd,( ESL) is a Software Value Added Reseller based in Israel, ESL Specializes in reselling, supporting and integrating development, Static Code Analysis, Testing and QA tools for Software Engineers and Software Developers.

IC Manage GDP - Global Design Platform

IC Manage GDP: Efficient, Scalable, Reliable Multi-Site Design Management IC Manage GDP (Global Design Platform) is a next generation design management system that efficiently manages, locates, and assembles components and delivers reuse across the enterprise. Its transaction-based architecture and streaming network implementation provide scalability, reliability and performance up to 100 times that of conventional data management systems based on 1980’s RCS technology. IC Manage GDP offers design assembly, derivative management, real-time worldwide content delivery, high performance revision control, configuration management and multi-site collaboration capabilities. It also includes IT integration for global scalability, storage management, high availability, disaster recovery, and back-up integration

Migrating from ClearCase to Perforce

Common reasons for replacing ClearCase with Perforce include: Reduced operational costs. Better performance and response times. Better support for distributed teams. Increased productivity of development team members. See our Migration Guide: IBM Rational ClearCase to Perforce

Parasoft Virtualize, an open automated service virtualization solution

Access a complete test environment— anytime and anywhere Parasoft Virtualize, an open automated service virtualization solution, creates, deploys, and manages simulated dev/test environments. It simulates the behavior of dependent applications that are still-evolving, difficult to access, or difficult to configure for development or testing—for example, databases, mainframes, ERPs, 3rd-party systems or services.
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