Helix Insights presents vital metrics so you can measure what matters and tune your processes. With the growing adoption of continuous delivery, understanding the performance of projects and teams is crucial to producing a better product.

Code Stability Metrics

Monitor the performance of your projects and teams.

  • Track project stability
  • Visualize metrics for change, contributions, and issue tracking
  • System analytics for your Helix platform

Analytics Dashboards

Customize dashboards for the information you need

  • Filter and select ranges of data
  • Export the data for use in third-party analytics tools (e.g., Splunk or Tableau)
  • Analyze any information from Helix or third-party sources

Extensible by Design

Build your own metrics or consume data from other sources.

  • Analytics API let you set custom metrics
  • Get the information you need in the format you want
  • Integrate with your continuous delivery pipeline for a 360 view

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