AI Based Application Security Testing

AI Based Application Security Testing

Artificial Intelligence Based Application Security Testing

In a nutshell

NexPloit uses a recorded interaction as a baseline from which to learn your application’s entry points and what kind of data they expect.
After the initial discovery stage, the NexPloit Cloud and NexPloit agent work together to continuously generate new malicious scenarios,
using Evolutionary ML algorithms and reinforcement learning. These scenarios are tested on the target until a vulnerability has been discovered.

AIAST solutions

NexPloit is a powerful and flexible AST solution, it can easily be used in a way that fits your security needs. NexPloit can be activated via an intuitive web interface, or via API hooks, providing you with seamless integration into SDLC (CI/CD) workflows enabling fast DAST/IAST security testing at the speed of DevOps.

Dynamic Application Security Testing, DAST


NexPloit can be used as a Dynamic Application Security Testing solution directly from the cloud, a new scan can be initiated in minutes, with no required integration! NexPloit will act on your application using Evolutionary Strategies to generate malicious attack scenarios, finding and immediately reporting which of these scenarios you are exposed to, with no false positives.

Interactive Application Security Testing, IAST


NexPloit is a pure Interactive Application Security Testing solution, meaning it was designed and built as an IAST solution from the start. When performing a dynamic scan, NexPloit communicates in perfect harmony with the local agent on the target system, utilizing Machine Learning to discover vulnerabilities that can only be discovered from the inside by hackers or security experts. On top of that, using an agent will provide you access to SAST features such as instrumentation, pinpointing the location in your code the discovered vulnerabilities could be traced to.

API Testing


Even without a GUI, your product’s API security still needs to be tested for vulnerabilities. NexPloit has a unique API testing solution that can be used both in DAST or IAST mode, with simple configuration, providing you with false-positive free vulnerabilities.

Automated Penetration Testing, Auto PT


NexPloit can be used to perform Application-level Penetration Testing. A single scan can replace dozens of hours of security experts and penetration testers, getting high quality results in a fraction of the time, and cost. Unlike a human tester, who’s findings depend on personal expertise, NexPloit’s findings are consistent and exhaustive, providing you with the best possible information for your risk analysis. NexPloit will generate a report immediately as it finds vulnerabilities, minimizing the time for both assessment and remediation.

Secure Development Awareness Training


Using NexPloit, your developers are going to get hands-on security education, on your own product during the development stage, making your product more secure by design. NexPloit is intuitive and easy to use, and every detected vulnerability is displayed with all the relevant information a developer might need to remediate it, including highlighting the exact location in the code. The combination of simple usage and concise reporting empowers any developer to detect and fix the vulnerabilities, without the need of security experts in the middle, as well as learn from the process, becoming a better security-minded developer.

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