ESL’s for Outlook

ESL’s for Outlook

ESL’s for Outlook  

Add-in Installation & User Guide Manual


Add the for Outlook addin:

Go To our Microsoft AppSource page: for Outlook

Click ‘Get it now’


Authenticate with your account

Open a new message window, and click on the add-in:

You should be prompted to authenticate your account with your login credentials and by clicking ‘connect to monday’

Start working with the add-in

Pin the addin by clicking the pin icon:

And you are ready to go, select your board, group & item you wish to add an update to, and select bcc,cc or to in the options and click ‘add':

Finish editing your email and press Send, your item will be automatically updated with email & attachments.

If you wish to create a new item, simply click the ‘create new item’ option, and give it a name:

This will create a new item in your group selected above and choose it automatically
You are now ready to use ESL’s Outlook add-in.
Enjoy the productivity!

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