Loom Log Analysis

Loom Log Analysis


Take Your Log Analysis to the Next Level

Loom delivers an AI-powered log analysis platform to predict and correlate problems in all of your applications to help solve them in real time.


Alert Fatigue? Never again!

Reduce noise to focus on the real issues that might affect your customers experience using anomaly detection.

Predict and Prevent Issues Before They Become Problems

Take a Proactive approach to eliminate issues. Shed light on your blindspots and data silos with our AI-driven solution.

Intelligent Insights. Quick Remedies.

Using insights and recommendations from our community-shared Tribal knowledge base™ (TriKB) enabling you to reduce MTTR by a thorough root cause analysis of the issue.

Automated Log Parsing

Bring AI into Your Organization

Introduce advanced ML-based capabilities to your log analysis, providing a complete view of your business environment

Boost Your Team’s Efficiency with Virtual ITOps

Automate your manual tasks by utilizing an artificially-intelligent data analyst devoted to 24/7 monitoring of your stack

Predictable improvement

Loom’s approach will enable you to get fast results and predictable improvement- easy configuration, 90-minutes integration, quick onboarding and our super-friendly playbook

Automated Root Cause Analysis


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