Cloud, Server & Network Monitoring

Cloud, Server & Network Monitoring


Cloud Monitoring

Monitor all AWS and Azure services and resources alongside on-premise infrastructure from a single platform application for end-to-end visibility into hybrid IT environments.

Get actionable data from both AWS CloudWatch and Azure Monitor REST API.

LogicMonitor Cloud monitoring integrates with LogicMonitor alerting, dashboards, reporting, and performance trending and forecasting — so it’s painless to get deep AWS and Azure monitoring.

Server Monitoring

The SaaS-based performance monitoring platform that provides a single pane of glass for server monitoring and all other infrastructure.

Powerful Server Monitoring, Solved.

Comprehensive server monitoring requires more than simple CPU and memory alerting, but shouldn’t need a lot of configuration. With LogicMonitor, enter an IP address, and you are done. LogicMonitor will automatically detect, monitor, and alert on:

  • CPU, Memory, Network and many other OS metrics for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX and more. Everything down to individual volume latency, TCP stats, and NTP
  • Applications such as databases, mail servers, web servers, and more
  • Cloud instances and Virtual Machines
  • RAID controllers, physical drives, battery systems, interfaces, and other hardware
  • Predictive Analytics to let you get ahead of resource shortages
  • Network scanning can automatically discover and add all devices – or just those of a specified type

Monitor Everything, Together.

You know that the value of server monitoring increases if you can monitor the rest of your infrastructure with the same tool. Your servers depend on virtualization, and storage, and network. With LogicMonitor’s automation and comprehensive device and application profiles, we make it easy to monitor everything right out-of-the-box.

  • Servers & Virtualization
  • Clouds & VMs
  • Network & Storage
  • Services & Applications

Collect data from the bottom up.

Deploy fast with our lightweight, agentless collector that discovers your infrastructure automatically and securely streams performance data into LogicMonitor’s cloud-based platform.

  • Agentless Collector
  • Auto-Configuration
  • Puppet, Ansible and other Integrations
  • Fast Install & Setup


Network Monitoring

Get visibility into the health and performance of all of your networking equipment and other IT infrastructure in the same monitoring platform.

Automated Network Monitoring

LogicMonitor automatically discovers everything you need to know about your network infrastructure and delivers the monitoring, alerting and graphing you need to maintain high availability.

  • Automatically discovers all network devices & interfaces
  • Monitors CPU, Memory, Temperature, Fan and other hardware
  • Interface Metrics – Throughput, Packet & Error Rates, Utilization, Flaps
  • Track BGP sessions and OSPF adjacencies
  • Watch & alert on Power Over Ethernet loads (POE)
  • Wireless access-point monitoring
  • And more – QoS Policies, IP SLA Profiles, VPNs, VoIP features, etc.

Over 1000 Supported Technologies

Automatically collect actionable performance data from routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers and other networking gear. LogicMonitor also has your cloud and hybrid IT environments covered, and has the power to drill into your applications, servers, storage arrays and more, to provide a single pane of glass to reduce time to resolution and allow you to correlate network performance with other key infrastructure components.

  • Network Storage
  • Load Balancers
  • Wireless Devices
  • Firewalls, Routers, & Switches

Improve Network Performance & Health

LogicMonitor’s dashboards, forecasting, and detailed reporting elevate visibility into network performance and help identify bandwidth issues and performance bottlenecks.

  • Predictive Alerts
  • Trend Analysis
  • Performance Reports
  • Configuration Management

Proactive Insight via Netflow

Use Network Traffic Flow to get full visibility into what’s going through your network from ingress to egress. Proactively identify bandwidth issues, performance bottlenecks, and DDoS attacks by tracking flow data via NetFlow, Jflow, and sFlow.

  • View flow data from highest use devices
  • Drill down to the port level to quickly troubleshoot network issues
  • Display the flow metrics you care about in a single dashboard


Website Monitoring

Ensure website performance and availability using Service Checks.

Get Full Visibility into Website Availability

Track site performance from multiple locations around the world or from within your private networks.

  • External and Internal Service Checks: Confirm your websites are up and accessible from one or multiple external test locations, or monitor from within your network and ensure your employees can access critical internal sites.
  • Synthetic Transactions: Construct multi-step tests that handle authentication and check for specific content in responses. Make HTTP GET, HEAD, or POST requests to multiple URLs and confirm the correct web page is loaded.
  • Ping Checks: Ping an IP address from one or more external locations.

Alert on Site Availability

Spot issues before they impact end-users.

  • Alert on the specific circumstances you care about: when content is not loading properly, the expected HTTP status code isn’t being returned, or when page load time exceeds custom thresholds.
  • Configure alerts or schedule downtime on a per-Service Check basis. Define alerting based on overall reachability and health from all locations, and/or from specific locations.
  • Easily view and filter alerts on the general Alerts Page or on the Alerts Tab for each Service Check or Service Check Group. Filter by instance, alert severity, and more, and control which escalation chains receive alerts.

Application Insights

Monitor the performance and availability of your business-critical applications from a single SaaS-based monitoring platform.

Full-Stack Application Insights

Track application availability and performance metrics together with the performance of your infrastructure, cloud, and networks.

  • Custom SLA Reports
  • Monitor Cloud & VM’s
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Advanced App Metrics

Ensure Business Performance

Use our SiteMonitor feature to track availability of multi-step transactions and flows like registrations and shopping carts on your apps and websites.

  • Track User Flows
  • Business Metrics
  • Synthetic Transactions
  • Predictive Analytics

Over 1000 supported technologies.

We include pre-built LogicModules, smart bundles of data, logic, and visualizations that make it easy to monitor everything right out-of-the-box.

  • Amazon AWS
  • VMware
  • ESX & XenServer
  • Microsoft Azure


Configuration Management

LM Config™ allows users to automatically detect changes, manage, alert on, and restore configuration files for any device.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Mean Time to Repair

LM Config drives efficiency by automatically discovering, storing, and monitoring changes to device configurations.

  • Speed up service problem resolution by correlating configuration changes with performance data.
  • Enable DevOps with a “Trust but Verify” approach — alert on configuration changes the same way you alert on performance metrics.
  • Consolidate tools and put configuration management in the same window as your infrastructure monitoring.
  • Strengthen infrastructure with the ability to review and restore previous configurations.
  • Maintain standardization and compliance policies even as your business scales in size and complexity.

Configuration Dashboard


Help IT Deliver Outcomes, Not Bottlenecks

Partner with the only monitoring solution that drives transformation.

  • Invest resources in key business initiatives by freeing up teams bogged down by monitoring and troubleshooting tasks.
  • Flag policy violations when they happen and update or restore configurations on the fly without bringing development to a standstill.
  • Use LogicMonitor’s built-in automation and intelligence to manage configurations with a platform that scales and evolves with your business.


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