Cloud & Server Monitoring

Cloud & Server Monitoring


Cloud Monitoring

Monitor all AWS and Azure services and resources alongside on-premise infrastructure from a single platform application for end-to-end visibility into hybrid IT environments.

Get actionable data from both AWS CloudWatch and Azure Monitor REST API.

LogicMonitor Cloud monitoring integrates with LogicMonitor alerting, dashboards, reporting, and performance trending and forecasting — so it’s painless to get deep AWS and Azure monitoring.

Server Monitoring

The SaaS-based performance monitoring platform that provides a single pane of glass for server monitoring and all other infrastructure.

Powerful Server Monitoring, Solved.

Comprehensive server monitoring requires more than simple CPU and memory alerting, but shouldn’t need a lot of configuration. With LogicMonitor, enter an IP address, and you are done. LogicMonitor will automatically detect, monitor, and alert on:

  • CPU, Memory, Network and many other OS metrics for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX and more. Everything down to individual volume latency, TCP stats, and NTP
  • Applications such as databases, mail servers, web servers, and more
  • Cloud instances and Virtual Machines
  • RAID controllers, physical drives, battery systems, interfaces, and other hardware
  • Predictive Analytics to let you get ahead of resource shortages
  • Network scanning can automatically discover and add all devices – or just those of a specified type

Monitor Everything, Together.

You know that the value of server monitoring increases if you can monitor the rest of your infrastructure with the same tool. Your servers depend on virtualization, and storage, and network. With LogicMonitor’s automation and comprehensive device and application profiles, we make it easy to monitor everything right out-of-the-box.

  • Servers & Virtualization
  • Clouds & VMs
  • Network & Storage
  • Services & Applications

Collect data from the bottom up.

Deploy fast with our lightweight, agentless collector that discovers your infrastructure automatically and securely streams performance data into LogicMonitor’s cloud-based platform.

  • Agentless Collector
  • Auto-Configuration
  • Puppet, Ansible and other Integrations
  • Fast Install & Setup


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