Application Insights & CM

Application Insights & CM


Application Insights

Monitor the performance and availability of your business-critical applications from a single SaaS-based monitoring platform.

Full-Stack Application Insights

Track application availability and performance metrics together with the performance of your infrastructure, cloud, and networks.

  • Custom SLA Reports
  • Monitor Cloud & VM’s
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Advanced App Metrics

Ensure Business Performance

Use our SiteMonitor feature to track availability of multi-step transactions and flows like registrations and shopping carts on your apps and websites.

  • Track User Flows
  • Business Metrics
  • Synthetic Transactions
  • Predictive Analytics

Over 1000 supported technologies.

We include pre-built LogicModules, smart bundles of data, logic, and visualizations that make it easy to monitor everything right out-of-the-box.

  • Amazon AWS
  • VMware
  • ESX & XenServer
  • Microsoft Azure


Configuration Management

LM Config™ allows users to automatically detect changes, manage, alert on, and restore configuration files for any device.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Mean Time to Repair

LM Config drives efficiency by automatically discovering, storing, and monitoring changes to device configurations.

  • Speed up service problem resolution by correlating configuration changes with performance data.
  • Enable DevOps with a “Trust but Verify” approach — alert on configuration changes the same way you alert on performance metrics.
  • Consolidate tools and put configuration management in the same window as your infrastructure monitoring.
  • Strengthen infrastructure with the ability to review and restore previous configurations.
  • Maintain standardization and compliance policies even as your business scales in size and complexity.

Configuration Dashboard


Help IT Deliver Outcomes, Not Bottlenecks

Partner with the only monitoring solution that drives transformation.

  • Invest resources in key business initiatives by freeing up teams bogged down by monitoring and troubleshooting tasks.
  • Flag policy violations when they happen and update or restore configurations on the fly without bringing development to a standstill.
  • Use LogicMonitor’s built-in automation and intelligence to manage configurations with a platform that scales and evolves with your business.


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